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BGS was founded on the principles of Quality, Efficiency and Excellence Service.


We are a customer driven company with a vision of supplying worldwide markets with metal components and also plastics. Our reputation as a dependable parts vendor is backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with quality assurance system.


BGS Company provides its customers with multiple value added advantages. Our goal is to provide to you industry parts at the best possible cost with opportunities for operational savings.

We are a user-friendly supplier and tailor our operation to meet our customers''''needs.


Flexibility:  We believe that your customer is our customer, so we must be an extension of your manufacturing process. We maintain flexible manufacturing schedules to provide a rapid response time to your customer''''s demands.


Value Engineering:  We work with your engineers to insure your industry parts meet your expectations for fit, form, and function and can be manufactured in the most cost effective manner possible. 
Inventory Programs:  We work with you to develop specialized inventory programs based upon utilizing vendor managed inventory systems, dock-to-stock shipping programs, and long-term supply agreements. All of these programs are designed to free up your people to deal with your changing market conditions.  

Packaging Programs:  We can package our parts to meet your production floor requirements. We can package and barcode label your parts to meet the material flow requirements on your plant floor, from the daily demands of a work cell, to the monthly usage of an assembly line.


The Experience:  We have 10 years of experience in the machining parts business and utilize that experience for every customer''''s benefit. We believe personal relationships are still an important ingredient in business relationships.


Now we supply a wide range of service as follow:

Transmission, sprocket ,Shaft Collars ,Gear & Worm,

General Components Stamping, sheet metal processing

Metal and aluminum forging

Investment casting, high pressure die casting

Automatic and CNC Machining

Polishing and surface treatment

Welding and assembly

Inspecting agent

Run order in china,BGS take care!

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