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BGS Machining &professional services
• Because of the contacts with several producers, we are able to provide a large scale   of components.    order quantities of 1 up to 100,000 up to... piece. Low order quantities  can be economically delivered by combining the transport with remaining orders. 
• Operations can be done on manual and/or CNC machines.


• All kinds lathes, from manual up to multi spindle machines.  
• Dimensions from ø0,6 mm up to ø3.200 x 16.000 mm.

• All kinds of milling machines, up to complete machining centre.
• Dimensions up to 8.000 x 4.000 x 2.000 mm.
   Cogs and collar wheels
  In several dimensions and quantities.
  Also on customer specification.

Sheet metal
• Shearing, bending and nibbling.
• Pressing, cutting.

Tube bending
• Up to app. 70mm.  Fe. tubes for fitting work, also assembled.

Welding and constructions
Various small and big constructions, from separate parts up to complete units and installations.
• Welding processes: M.I.G., T.I.G., CO2, spot weld, semi- and full automatically by manipulators or robots.
• Wildings by certified welders and quality control of the welds by means of f.e. penetrate magna-flux or US.
• Non-Ferro
• Iron, grey iron, (GG) en nodular (GGG).
• Lost wax.
• Steel (f.e. stainless steel and abrasive).

• Various ways of production and materials.
• Parts with a weight of 0,05 kg. up to several tons per piece.

St37 St52-3  C10 C20 C45  20CrMo 42CrMo

Stainless steel
1.4301  1.4305   1.4401  1.4404

CuZn39Pb3  CW602  CW614  CW617  Ms58


Raw surface
•Shining chrome plated
•Dull chrome plated
•Dip zinc plated
•Nickel plated

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